Paper Racer is featured in the spotlight section of the US Windows Phone 8 App Store this week.

The Windows Phone 8 version of Paper Racer was ported by Andreas Beckermann and should run on every available Windows 8 Phone. It has been released only one week ago. Here is a link to the us store:

Happy new year!

Paper Racer For Free
Today, you can download Paper Racer on iOS for free in cooperation with

Multiplayer Support
We just finished implementing multiplayer support for Paper Racer and already released it on Android. It should work nice on LAN and broadband internet connections. We are currently optimizing it for slower mobile networks.

iOS Update
An update for iOS is scheduled for the end of January. It will bring full iPhone 5 support and the new multiplayer mode.

09/06/12: Android Release

Paper Racer is available for Android at Google Play now. The base version contains 3 maps and is for free. The full version contains all 16 maps and can be ordered InApp.

Here is a link to a german article about our Ipad/Retina release at Appgefahren:

Paper Racer 1.1 is available on the App Store since yesterday. The most significant change is that we fully support Retina and Ipad display resolutions now.

Additionally we also added an overview map for Retina and Ipad devices.


23/11/11: Ipad Version

We are currently testing the final version of Paper Racer HD. The new version will support the Iphone 4 Retina Display and the full Ipad resolution. It will be available as an update in the next days or weeks.


10/07/11: Appcenter TopApp

We are happy to announce that we are listed as TopApp in the AppCenter of Germany's biggest newspaper, the Bild Zeitung.


First Update
We are working on a first update for Paper Racer that will fix a problem not letting the game start on old ios <= 4.0.2 versions. There will be some refinements on the controls too.

Car Of The Week
A new car of the week is available in the "Car Of The Week" category. So get out your iPhones, start Paper Racer and put it on the track.

Your Cars
We have seen a lot of nice custom cars in the last weeks. If you have one and want it to be presented for download as "Car Of The Week" please send it to us. Use the barcode export function of Paper Racer or just send us a .png with a height of 128px.

29/06/11: More Reviews

We found more reviews of Paper Racer on the web. This time they are in english. Here they are in random order:

Paper Racer Icon

Our first game Paper Racer hit the AppStore last night. You can get it --> here <-- for 0.99$ (0,79 ).


For those of you who are from italy or speak italian, here is a first review. We don't actually understand a word in this article, but we think it is good.